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Statue of the divine adorer Amenirdi I

A princess, daughter of Kashta and sister of Piankhi, she fulfilled the priestly role of divine worshipper and divine bride of the god Amun-Ra; the goddess is portrayed incedent with her left leg forward, wearing a long, tight-fitting tunic. The personage wears a tripartite wig adorned with a vulture's stripe on her head, the head of which is flanked by a double uraeus; the stripe, a symbol of Mut, is surmounted by a wreath of uraeus with a central hole. The face has a lost nose. in one hand she holds the counterweight menat, in the other a kind of lily-shaped fan, a symbol of femininity; the wrists and sleeves are adorned with jewellery; she has the characteristic kushita fold, a groove between the fins of the nose and the mouth.