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Cave Book: Osiris, Nut, scenes of annihilation

Cave Book. On the left ithyphallic Osiris with his ba on his head protected by a serpent. On the right is Nut, known as 'The Mysterious', with a ram-headed sun god and a solar disc on his palms. Both sides feature two snakes with human heads and posthuman beards and representations of the solar cycle. Upper register: Osiris worships Ra. Four serpents with human heads. Tatenen supported by Atum and Khepri. Two sarcophagi with two manifestations of Ra as a child. Middle register: four mummies with falcon heads followed by Anubis and a sarcophagus containing the sceptre of Atum symbolising the creative power of the sun god. Following this are four sarcophagi with goddesses inside. Lower register: the place of Annihilation. A goddess punishes two prisoners. Parts of enemies in large cauldrons. Below the goddess Nut an oval with four hieroglyphics representing the body of Osiris and another cauldron with body parts, souls and shadows of the enemies of Ra and Osiris.