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Book of the Earth: various scenes

Book of the Earth Top from the right Large solar disc flanked by two pairs of arms rising from the depths of the Nun and crowned by twelve stars and twelve discs indicating the course of the hours. Above the disc is the mummy of the sun god. Goddess with bird ba with ram's head and a sun disc in her palms. The goddess is flanked by two snakes with human heads and at the bottom by another snake and a crocodile. The solar boat, supported by two urei, is represented above the earth god Aker in the form of a double sphinx. Below the boat two figures of Ramesses VI lift, together with Isis and Nephthys, a winged scarab and a solar disc. Bottom from the right Two deities hold up the ba of Osiris. They are flanked by two burials with ram-headed mummies inside. A winged scarab emerges from a sun disc to indicate the birth of the sun. It is flanked by two praying urai and several burials with mummies inside. Four deities with ram's head together with four enemies with the symbol of fire in place of the head.