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Book of Earth: scenes of resurrection and punishment

Book of the Earth. Above. In the centre large solar disc flanked by two pairs of arms rising from the depths of the Nun. It is surrounded by a crown composed of twelve stars and twelve discs indicating the course of the hours and grasped by two goddesses. Above the disc is the mummy of the sun god flanked by two urai spitting fire. Above his head another sun disc. On the left is a goddess called The Mysterious. On the palms of her hands are a ba bird with a ram's head and a solar disc. The goddess is flanked by two snakes with human heads and below by another snake and a crocodile. On the right Osiris is inside a tomb protected by snakes. The god is flanked by two mounds surmounted by su ba and the body of Geb. At the bottom Anubis and the Mysterious One extend their arms over a chest containing the body of Osiris. On either side are scenes of punishment with bound and beheaded enemies. Above them punitive deities with cauldrons. Above is a deity with fire hieroglyphics while the blood of decapitated and spilled enemies ends up in the cauldrons below Bottom. Left Two deities hold up the ba of Osiris. They are flanked by two burials with ram-headed mummies inside. On the right the body of Osiris is represented inside a mound. Isis and Nephthys flank him to protect him and to lift his body to symbolise his resurrection. Inside the mound is Horus with a falcon's head emerging from the curved body of Osiris and a solar disc.