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Horemheb con Osiride, Hathor, Horus, Iside e Anubi

The upper part of the wall is decorated with an elaborate kheker frieze featuring two yellow discs. Below is an ornamental band coloured blue, red, green, yellow, black and white, and a band decorated with stars on a dark blue background to represent the sky. From left to right: Horemheb offers wine to Osiris. The king wears the nemes with uraeus and a broad collar. His kilt, white and gold, is richly decorated. He stands in front of a mummified Osiris dressed in white with an Atef crown and distinguished with power. The king stands in front of Hathor and has a simple white skirt. Hathor has a sun disk and bovine horns. She wears a red dress with braces and a black and blue striped wig. She holds the sceptre was and the ankh. Behind him scene in which Horemheb in an elaborate skirt offers wine to Horus. The falcon-headed god holds the was sceptre and an ankh and wears the crown of Upper and Lower Egypt and a white and gold skirt. Below Isis wears a white dress with thin straps that leave her breasts bare. Around her neck is a large pearl necklace. On her head she wears her emblem. Isis also holds the sceptre was and the ankh. In front of her Horemheb wears a skirt, this time golden. The scene ends with Anubis wearing a jackal head and a blue wig. He wears a white and gold skirt. The god receives wine offerings from the king, who again wears an elaborate skirt on the front. The base of the relief is a blue painting.